About Broken Masterpiece

*Trigger Alert*
 Please refer to the Resources section, should you require further assistance. I am not a therapist providing therapy. All information given is for educational use.

Real. Raw. Unapologetic.



Unable to verbalize emotion, I used writing to understand the melodies of my heart. As I broke and healed,  writing provided clarity. about life. Broken Masterpiece tells the heartbreaking, yet rewarding stories of:  Life. Anger. Guilt. Brokenness. Love. Abuse. Confusion, Pain. and ultimately; Healing.





ME 01

ME 03



This life is yours to live. Do so without regret! ♥♥♥







  1. this is for your topic on suicide !
    Is Suicide The Answer?

    A cut above, a cut below- suicide can be very slow
    Peer pressures are getting to you- is this the only thing that you can do?
    For your family and friends now come the burdens and tears
    Not knowing you had those fears.
    How do you think your family and friends will survive?
    Not knowing your life was on the line.
    You see the blood draining from your wrists
    Asking yourself: why did I do this?
    Second thoughts are now too late
    All you can do is sit and wait.
    You find that the thoughts are coming much faster
    And pictures are flashing in your mind
    As it’s getting close to that time, yet the pictures are
    Of good times and not the bad, and you become very sad.
    My life has not been as drastic as i thought it to be
    Now it’s too late for me!

    louis rams :

    1. I know why this poem was written concerning the hurt left to family and friends. A person who commits suicide no longer feels pain because at death he gave it to those who loved him. I’ve been on the other end of a suicide and I’m here to tell you, it’s a rough, cruel road.

      I know why you write poetry about self harm, dying and stopping this madness. I’ve tried to kill myself before. I know what it takes to get to the point where you feel you can’t do anymore. Breathing hurts, it’s a hundred degrees outside but in side it’s so cold, cold enough to break bone. At some point in our isolation, in physical hunger, dehydration and a head full of everything we’ve ever done wrong, we stop being able to reason. When we are past the point of reason and intoxicated with self hatred, just one step more and suicide feels like an option.

      I think it’s good to talk or write out feelings. It’s a visual tool to help us weight issues and mark personal growth.


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